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E-mail Management Service

Sam the Sitemaker can provide our hosting clients with efficient and rapid e-mail management services for both incoming and outgoing messages.


Every hosting account provides you with mailboxes with names like Every member of your organization (up to 400) can have their own. For each mailbox, the incoming message can be forwarded to any e-mail account(s) of your choice. This serves three important purposes:

  1. If you change your home e-mail account, your clients continue to send messages to the same mailbox; SSM simply changes the forwarding address.
  2. SSM can automatically distribute messages to several different accounts.
  3. You never lose important mail because we save a copy of all messages on our servers. A backup copy is always available.

SSM can send an automatically generated response to the originator of every incoming message. Each mailbox can have its own unique response text such as, "Thank you for your inquiry. We will contact you shortly."


Many SSM clients have requested complete mail management services and we have responded by developing a system for providing this service. We can handle all of your on-line customer and member correspondence using our advanced e-mail distribution protocols. Itís easy to use: send us an e-mail message, such as a newsletter and/or announcement of an upcoming event (including embedded graphics, links, and attachments) for distribution to your mailing list. If you prefer, we can compose the message for you based on your instructions. This is a fast, effective, and inexpensive way to contact your clients or members and maintain their awareness of your organization or product.

To initiate the service, send us the e-mail addresses for your distribution lists. Because of anti-spam regulations, the addresses must have been supplied to you by the addressees. We append an unsubscribe capability and privacy statement to all outgoing messages. We filter your distribution list to eliminate duplicate, invalid, and obsolete addresses; process unsubscribe requests; and inform you of all changes in the lists. We will keep the lists current and maintain strict confidentiality. We will not use your lists for any other purpose, nor will we ever sell them.

The actual transmission of messages to your distribution list is fully automated. However, there are costs in connection with maintaining your list and editing or composing messages. Please contact us for pricing and information on how to submit your distribution list.